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  Frequently asked questions.  

1. Is “Guaranteed Issue” (or “Non-Medical”) Life Insurance my best option?

When you hear the words “no medical questions” or “guaranteed acceptance”…beware.  Even though some life insurance websites imply this is the best option, the facts don’t agree.  Guaranteed Issue plans have a ‘deductible’ (or waiting period) of 2-3 years before full benefits begin, whereas Full Coverage Plans offer “immediate, first day” coverage.  So, unless you have very poor health, this is not your best option.  See our Facts Page for more information.

2. How do I know what type of insurance is best for my needs?

Just click on our Facts Page to get all the information you need to make an informed decision.


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3. Who can receive the proceeds, or death benefits, of my policy?

Typically, you can choose your spouse, a relative, someone with an insurable interest in you (for example a business partner), your favorite charity, or even a friend.

4. If my health fails after I’m covered, can the company cancel my policy?

Changes in your health cannot cancel your policy, but you must always pay your premiums when due to keep your coverage in force.

5. Do I pay more…or do I have less insurance, as I grow older?

With our Burial Life (Final Expense) plans, the Rates are guaranteed to NEVER increase and the Benefits are guaranteed to NEVER decrease, See our Burial Life Page.

6. Do the benefits paid on my Burial Life (Final Expense) policy have to be used only for burial costs?

No. The death benefit is paid to your designated beneficiary and they can use the benefits for any purpose they deem necessary. This is true of all our Life Policies.

7. If I have health issues can I still get a Burial Life plan?

Yes. Our Representatives are fully trained to be able to inform you and direct you to the best options available to you.

8. Is a “Guaranteed Issue” (or “Non-Medical”) policy the only type of Burial Insurance available?

No. We have a wide range to products available for Burial purposes. Most do not have any waiting periods, like Guaranteed Issue does. Our most commonly purchased Burial Policy has immediate, first day coverage with only a few medical questions. No Medical Exam is needed to qualify.

9. Will Term Insurance meet the needs of Burial expenses?

No, in most cases. Since Term policies only cover you for a certain number of years (usually 5 to 15 years) most people outlive their Term policies and have no benefits when they pass away. Our Burial Life policies cover you for your whole life and are there when you need it the most. Visit our Term Life Insurance page for the practical uses of Term policies.

10. Why is a Burial plan usually more costly than Term insurance?

It’s very simple: A Burial plan covers you for your whole life, cannot be cancelled if you pay your premiums, and will pay your benefits 100% of the time; A Term plan covers only for a period of time, after that period you have NO insurance, and it will NOT pay any benefits after your term period has ended. Most people outlive their Term policies. You cannot outlive your Burial policy.

11. If my parent already has a Life Insurance policy can I get more insurance?

Yes. In most cases an additional policy is acceptable.


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